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Puerto Rican Specialty Coffee

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From La Isla Del Encanto To Your Cup. 

Your new favorite specialty grade coffee without the bitter taste, jittery feeling or high acidity. Smooth finish with deep notes of cacao. Hand picked beans & roasted, from the family owned farm in Adjuntas Puerto Rico. Save money & time by brewing your coffee at home while drinking some of the best coffee on Earth. To taste the real flavor of coffee it must be drunken black without milk or sugar, if you don't drink your coffee black that's OK, just one time try it black side by side with your current favorite coffee to taste the difference in ours.

Say "No" to bitter coffee as you deserve to wake up to our specialty grade coffee every morning. Only roughly 7% of the worlds coffee production is specialty grade! The farming practices that must be followed for the coffee to be considered specialty grade instead of commodity grade are first the variety of coffee plant your choose, has to be Arabica over Robusta. Grown in the shade at a high altitude and the coffee bean picked off the tree when it is red and ripe. Following these steps allows the coffee to have a smooth non bitter flavor.  

Coffee Details:

  • Caturra Arabica Bean - Medium Roast
  • (10oz) 36 Servings - $0.68 per cup
  • Fairest wage coffee pickers in the world (along with Hawaii)
  • Environmentally Friendly Packaging
  • Tasting notes: Rich, smooth with notes of cacao. Bold Finish
  • Grown in nutrient rich soil under the shade of plantain tree's at 2300ft altitude
  • Only roughly 7% of the worlds coffee production is considered specialty grade.

Low Acidity Benefits:

  • Caffeine and flavor without the afternoon crash.
  • Gentler on the stomach
  • Safer for teeth
  • Exercise friendly as it only gently raises the heart rate.
  • Higher level of antioxidants
  • Tastes great hot or as a cold brew

Your Purchase Greatly Supports 
The Coffee Farmers And Pickers Of Puerto Rico